The Reasons You Hunger for Candies – And ways to Create the Cravings Lose colour – For Good!

Do you spend your days alternatively looking forward to or dreading mid-afternoon?

Making bets with yourself as to whether or not you’ll give in to the cravings?

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Trying to remind yourself how good you’ll feel if you don’t cave – and almost simultaneously justifying the indulgence because you ate a healthy breaky or lunch?

The Reasons You Hunger for Candies – And ways to Create the Cravings Lose colour – For Good!

What if you could free up your mind – and your belly – by getting rid of the cravings for good?

No, I’m not talking about super-human willpower or hypnosis. This is about stopping the problem before it begins.


o You are not feeding your body enough nutrients. I don’t mean you’re not eating enough food. I’ve seen plenty of people who are severely overweight and still malnourished. I mean that the foods you are eating are not providing you with adequate nutrition. This could be due to poor quality, poor choices, or poor absorption. Or all three.

o Your hormonal system is imbalanced. This could be through a lack of nutrients, but it could also be related to stress, moods, exercise or a lack of sleep.

o Your sleep-wake cycles are out of whack and you are relying on stimulants to get you through the day. This could be stress/lifestyle related, or it could just be that you’re not getting to bed on time, or at consistent times.

o Excess coffee, tea, sports drinks, soda, or sugar in the earlier part of the day is robbing your body of nutrients and sending out a distress signal for fast energy – otherwise known as sugar.


o Eat balanced meals earlier on in the day. A balanced meal includes healthy and natural fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. If you eat a breakfast or lunch that is predominantly carbohydrate, your body will not have enough nutrition to ‘run the system’. This results in a cry for help. The fastest way to get energy to your brain is sugar. Result: sweet cravings and continual weight gain.

o A full discussion about hormone balance is outside the realms of this article. But there are a few simple ways to improve hormonal and metabolic function, and you can start today.

a) Eat balanced meals (see above)

b) Reduce stress by taking time-out to do nothing or pursue a favorite pastime – even for 10 minutes

c) Make a conscious effort to find a positive take on everything – this is far more powerful than you might think. Your thoughts really do determine not only your actions, but also your physiology (the way your body functions on the inside)

d) Avoid doing only ‘intense’ exercise. Try some yoga or meditation as an active way of relaxing and detoxifying stress

Sound too simple to have an effect? Just try it. I’ve seen many clients control their cravings, appetite and weight through changes just as simple as these.

o Ensure rhythmic sleep-wake cycles by getting to bed and waking up around the same time each day. Avoid bright lights, alcohol, sugar or coffee before bedtime. This will help you sleep deeper, relax more, and allow you to wake refreshed and with all systems ready to ‘go’. Including your metabolism. Couple this with a balanced breaky (see above), and those sweet cravings will start to fade

o Coffee, tea, sports drinks, or anything with added caffeine or sugar will not only activate fat-storing stress hormones, but your body will use nutrients from the good food you’ve eaten to get rid of these toxic substances. This can result in dehydration, a sluggish metabolism, and lowered energy due to poor nutrient absorption.

What can you change today – or even right now – to reduce your cravings? Choose at least one of these steps to begin working on today, and put the others into your diary as action points over the next three days. I’d suggest diarising these new actions for at least three weeks – studies show that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. In this case, I’d say 21 days to create a new you as well!

Don’t close this article without getting out your diary. Just think about it – wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn down that chocolate bar – and mean it? To truly not care whether or not the forbidden food passes your lips? Control your cravings, and you’ll control your success.

Life is Now. Press Play.

The Reasons You Hunger for Candies – And ways to Create the Cravings Lose colour – For Good!

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