Many Top 5 Nudist Seashores

When one thinks of nudist colonies, it is natural to think of nudist beaches as well. Modern swimwear is often so revealing that it seems only a small step to nudity. There are several types of nudist beaches. The first time is a real nudist beach in which clothing is not allowed. This type has waned in popularity in recent years. The opponents of this type of mandatory nudity argued that the movement was all about individual freedom and that meant people would also have the right to keep their clothes on as well as take them off. The more up to the date type of nudist beach is actually a clothing optional beach. A variation of the nudist beach is the topless beach. The topless beach is pretty much a place where women bare their breasts and no other nudity is permitted.

There are a surprising number of nudist beaches spread across the entire United States. Laws vary from state to state, and from town to town. It is a good idea to be aware of local laws when planning a nudist vacation. Some of the nudist resorts are located on or near bodies of water including lakes or rivers. The following list is just one person’s opinion of the top five nudist beaches in the United States.

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* Little Beach, Hawaii. This clothing optional beach is located on the Island of Maui. Nude bathing is illegal in Hawaii, but this law has not been enforced at Little Beach for some time. A local artist named Dr. Leisure will paint your picture as a souvenir.

Many Top 5 Nudist Seashores

* Red, White, and Blue Beach. This beach is located six miles north of Santa Cruz in California. Activities here include whale watching and overnight camping. The beach is privately owned from the parking lot to the shore, and so you can even park your car in the nude here.

* Black Beach. Located in a seaside park on the San Diego shoreline snuggled against high cliffs, this is a popular surfing spot. Some parts of the Park prohibit nudity so you need to make sure you are in the right spot.

* South Beach. This beach located in Miami, Florida is a popular spot with the younger set due to its constant party atmosphere.

* Gunnison Beach. This beach is located at Sandy Hook, New Jersey. It is a clothing optional beach that hosts up to 10,000 people on a summer weekend.

Many Top 5 Nudist Seashores

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